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Elena admitted what we always knew

Damon is bad for her

Damon makes her do bad things

Damon IS BAD and she never would have made excuses for his shitty choices before

so I know my blog is about fictional shows and fictional characters. but this post is about the most important subject in reality. bullying. I just found out only moments ago that a beautiful, bright eyed young girl from my school, a girl I always saw in the halls and the cafeteria, committed suicide tonight. you hear about bullying and suicides all over the news, but this case especially hit home with me. I was never close to her, but I had physically seen her breathing, beating, living body walking around the hallways. how couldn’t I have seen her sadness? how could no one see her sadness? how could we have let her feel so alone that there was no way out but up? it haunts me. it haunts me that there is such cruelty in this world that someone would go so far as to make someone honestly feel that death would be easier than life. bullying needs to stop. something has to be done, because suicide is becoming ever so popular among the suffering teen masses. it’s horrific. I’m bringing you this message because now, for the first time, I have seen a living being stand before me, only to soon discover that she is no longer with us. it seems so impossible that the girl I just saw could be gone now, so sad that she acted on her own to rid herself of her sadness. how didn’t we see it? how didn’t anyone see it? how did we let her feel so alone? how could someone isolate her and make her feel that this life despised her and would prefer her to be dead? I cannot begin to fathom how alone she must’ve felt. and I wish that someone, anyone, had seen her sadness and stopped her from giving in to the will of her aggressors. the only thing that should die is bullying. not innocent children.



there’s a difference between character development and completely changing your character’s personalities with no explanation


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Guys, I finally figured out the storyline of this season: apparently, it’s about doing parallels between Stefan and Damon, so the writers can show us who really is the best choice.


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Why did Stefan blame himself all of this past episode?

Damon got in the situation he’s in because of Damon. Period. If he hadn’t gone after Wes, Wes never would have trapped and infected him. So this is just karma, baby.

But of course, Stefan being the good brother that he is he feels responsible for keeping Damon under control. ~sigh